The Choice Vision

Choice LED Lighting was established in 2009 for development and production of the Dimming LED Lights, for industrial, Agriculture and other special industrial lighting solutions. 

Choice LED Lighting can be dimmed by most of existing control system which will give it a smooth transition to imitate sunlight.

Choice LED Lighting had succeeded developed the most suitable poultry Lighting and control systems for wide range chicken growth. 

With our lighting   knowledge & RSPCA requirement. We provide local professional advice and Customer Supports for your special projects.

Choice LED Certificate SAA Approvals 150053-page-001
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Our Standards

For us it is important to now only have a vision but at the same time to deliver nothing short of the highest quality LED lighting products. This is ensured by our highly qualified team of local technicians who have years of experience. All our products are manufactured in Australia which is why we are a certified Australia made and owned business. We believe in supporting our local economy and giving back to the nation that has given so much to us.

All Choice products are also RoHS compliant meaning that there are no toxic chemicals in the product. This in-turn ensure your safety and also makes our products recycle friendly doing our part for the environment. Compared to fluorescent lights containing mercury and other dangerous vapours, our LED lights are as safe as it can get. Not only will you have piece of mind with you lighting bills but also with your family’s safety. Below you will find a list of features which allow you to experience just why our lights are some of the best that money can buy.

Our LED Lighting Features and Benefits

High CRI –

Choice lights have some of the highest colour rendering index scores, this means that the quality of the light output is very high and is capable of reproducing various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. Light sources with a high CRI is very desirable in order to illuminate a location as naturally as possible. Our LED lights have anywhere between 82% and 95% CRI meaning the quality of the light produced is sure to amaze you.

Long Lasting Quality Design –

Our lights are designed with high quality components and excellent heat management. Choice LED lights will provide you with years of maintenance free illumination. This is backed up by our 3-5 year guarantee depending on the product.

Energy Savings –

The primary goal, to save energy and the environment. Choice LED lights are significantly more efficient that standard halogen bulbs. For example our 15W LED provides more than 70% energy savings at 70 lumes / W compared to a 50W halogen which only provides around 12 lumes / watt.

Variety of Colour Temperatures –

One of the biggest benefits of LED lights is their ability to produce such a wide spectrum of colours. We stock both warm white and cool white LED’s which will suit all your lighting applications whether you are going for a homely or professional look.

Wide Beam Angles –

The wider the beam angle the larger the spread of light from the LED. We have lights in a variety of beam angles for you to choose from in order to achieve the best possible lighting job for your home or business.

Australian Safety Standards –

Lights meet the safety standards: IEC61347.2.13 and the Australian standards of approval: SAA 11456EA. This is the ensure that our lights give you complete piece of mind.

Easy Installation –

Lights come pre-fitted with plug and wires to make them as easy as possible for DIY jobs and for simply replacing lights around the house of office rather than having to pay an electrician to install them.

Dimmable –

Some of our lights have dimmable capabilities which means you to change the power supplied to the bulb. There is up to 30% extra efficiency with use of a standard rotary dimmer to create a dynamic ambience.