Australian Standard Approved with GMA Approval : GMA-500565-EA


  • Mechanical Life: 100,000 Times of Operation
  • Blue led indicators
  • Max Voltage: AC 110 – 250V/50 – 60Hz
  • Dimensions:  (W)120mm × (H)72mm ×(D)42mm
  • Panel Material: crystal glass
  • Total Rated Load: 5-300W
  • Available Colour – White & Black


  • Luxury tempered glass panel
  • Perfect flat plate, smooth gorgeous
  • Exquisite craftwork, well polished glass, modern experience
  • Capacitive touch sense, turn on/off without noise
  • Blue indicator, easy to find in the dark environment.
  • Installation is the same as normal light switch.
  • Replace traditional switch directly.
  • Suitable for all types of lights including incandescent,  fluorescent lamps, tubes, energy saver and motion sensor lamps,  LED and so on.
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